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By | October 24, 2018

Who doesn’t like Burger King? While writing this article I can still feel the taste of a delicious burger. If any company is more famous than McDonald’s, its burger king. It is an America fast food chain of hamburgers, with headquarter the Miami United States.

Burger King is a global company; it has stores all around the world. Every day millions of customers eat mouthwatering burgers at BK retail outlets. Like every other company, BK also wants to know the experience of its customers. For the same, fast-food giant has started an online portal It records the experience of its customers.   mybkexperience

Customers can give their honest feedback at my BK experience portal from anywhere in the world. It will only take a few minutes of your time and you will get a free food coupon for your next visit. Maybe you will win a BK Survey Whopper or Chicken Burger for your next visit to the store.

My Burger Kind customer satisfaction survey

Customer’s data is analyzed by a special team. Their main job is to find a room of improvement. If you have a negative feedback, they will try to find the reason and by the time you visit the store. You will see a definite change in the service.

Purchase receipt is very necessary to take a online feedback. Make sure, you don’t lose your receipt as it contains the details to start the survey. After completing the feedback, you will get a validation code for free food. You can access it on your next visit to the store.

How to complete BK Experience survey?

There are certain things which need your attention before starting an online survey. First of all, you will need an active internet connection and computer. You will also need a purchase receipt as it contains the required information. Follow below instruction to complete the feedback easily.

  • First of all open form your computer browser (use chrome, safari or Mozilla)
  • Enter the store number and survey code on the portal to start the program.
  • Choose the desired language .i.e. Spanish or French and start the survey.
  • You might have to answer or rate questions related to store cleanliness, promptness of order, the taste of the food, behavior of staff or any other related questions.
  • At the end of the program, you will get a code for your next visit.

You can also contact the company by phone or email. It is given on official website. User can also comment below and we will try to give you a solution as soon as possible.

About Burger King

Burger King or BK is an American Fast food company with headquarters in Miami. It has a presence in 15000+ locations all over the world. As per the official website, every day 11 million people visit the BK restaurant all around the world. it is the original home of the whopper and second largest fast food company in the world. Company is famous for its signature hamburgers, nuggets, salads and veggies.

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