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By | October 20, 2018

KFC is one of the most popular fast food chains today. It has a presence in every country of the globe. Started by Colonel Harland Sanders, KFC is an offering fried chicken, burgers, snacks and beverages.

In the heat of the competition, KFC is trying hard to improve quality and customer experience. My KFC Experience is started by a company to know the actual experience of the customers. It is an online feedback program, which collects feedback of customers.

my kfc experience

A user can take this survey from It is the official website of the company. A user can start a feedback by submitting details such as survey code and time of the visit. Both details are available on the purchase receipt. Participants are eligible to get a free food code at the end of the feedback. It can be used to buy chicken, popcorn, or chicken wings.

My KFC Experience Survey

This survey is designed to know your visit to the KFC outlet. You may see question-related to store cleanliness, order executions speed, a behavior of staff, availability of products and overall impression of a store. Your feedback will help the company to improve services. If you have negative feedback, don’t worry. KFC team will work on it and try to improve weak areas. Hopefully, you will not see the weak areas when you visit the next time at the store.


The KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey will give vital insight into the company. It is important to keep customers happy and satisfied. Retaining customers is always beneficial when searching for new clients. it is also important to be a customer-centric company and it is only possible when you know what customers feel.


KFC has started a separate portal to collect the feedback of client’s .i.e.  Not only, the company knows the value of its customer’s time and for the same, but they are also offering a free food code for every participant.

About KFC

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is a fast food company, started by Colonel Harland Sanders. During the great depression, Colonel has started selling fried chicken on the roadside and later Sanders has opened the first store in Utah by the name of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

KFC is currently the most valuable and loved fast food company in the world. its fried chicken and chicken wings are best in the fast food industry. The company has a presence in 21000+ locations around the world. With millions of customers, KFC is defiantly best fast food company of today. KFC is also asking its clients to give a online feedback to the company. A survey is available on, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

How to take a survey from

  • Minimum purchase is necessary to participate in the survey.
  • Open official website on mobile or computer to start the survey.
  • Enter survey code and time and click on start.
  • Answer the simple questions and complete the feedback.
  • You will get a free food code at the end, save it for your next visit.

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